Brought up in Christchurch, New Zealand, as a child I was always keen on drawing. My dad always had a camera out wherever we were and I was lucky enough to play around with his old SLR camera as a teenager. My love for art continued at high school where I excelled in Art but dropped it to continue with my studies in Science.

In 2012 I purchased my first DSLR for use on a Safari in Mombasa, Kenya which was tagged onto my best mates wedding. There was no intention for this camera to be anything more than a travel companion, but after my first few weeks with it, photography became somewhat of an obsession...

It's now 7 years on and I'm still learning something every time I head out with my camera. I've photographed weddings, dabbled in portraits, real estate and baby photography, but landscapes are still my passion and my focus.

I'm still working on photography as becoming some sort of business, but there's certainly no rush... And if my photos can interest or inspire someone who may happen to stumble across them, then I've achieved more than I ever thought I would.

Photography is more than just a past time or tool.... it's a method of artistic expression that has altered the way I see everything in this world and I can't wait for it to shape my vision even further.

Kurt McManus