If you're looking for something a bit different for your wall, then an IXXI enlargment might be just what you're after.  

Printed on 20cm x 20cm square cards, the cards are connected together using their special connectors to create an enlargement of any of my photographs for your wall. The connected cards are then stuck to the wall across the top with a removable sticker strip. 


The enlargement can be a range of sizes (multiples of the 20cm x 20cm cards) and different shapes, so please contact me if you're interested and I can show you what options are available depending on the photograph you choose. The enlargement above is 120cm x 80cm and is a generous size for any room. 



Here is a guide to the price of each IXXI enlargement in US dollars (including shipping)


60cm x 40cm

$55 USD


80cm x 60cm

$70 USD


120cm x 80cm

$110 USD


120cm x 60cm

$95 USD

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