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Doubtful Sound - Awe-inspiring

About a month ago, I was very fortunate to be sent to Doubtful Sound in Fiordland as a photographer for the stunning travel magazine Destinations. I've had a few of my photos used in their past publications but this was a huge honour.

Being from Christchurch, I always wanted to visit Fiordland, a trip that I've been all the more keen to make since taking on photography. Doubtful Sound is sometimes referred to as 'the Sound of Silence', a contrast to the more popular Milford Sound, and is the deepest fiord in Fiordland at 421m deep. Bar a scenic helicopter flight, an overnight boat cruise is the best way to experience Doubtful Sound and we were placed on the brilliant Deep Cove Charters boat.

The overnight trip thrusts you into the fiord with dark waters, endless waterfalls and enormous cliffs flanking every side. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of insignificance in comparison to the land around me, but I was speechless with it's beauty and angry I hadn't visited sooner.

Instead of subjecting you to a lengthy description of the trip, you can see a storyline of the trip in photos here.

Although the trip was short, it has made me realise how truely spoilt we are in New Zealand to have these locations on our back doorstep. I plan on exploring more of Fiorldland and I can't stress to others enough how important it is they visit this magical place.

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